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Kosovo’s Fifth Anniversary of Independence Reception

18 February 2013 – The Embassy of Kosovo organised a reception for the diplomatic community in London to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of Independence of Kosovo.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ms Edita Tahiri, was the guest of honour of this celebratory event, where many ambassadors and diplomats accredited to the Court of St James’s were present. Other participants included representatives from the House of Commons and the House of Lords, FCO officials, eminent guests and friends of Kosovo such as former KFOR commander Sir Mike Jackson, former EU facilitator in the Kosovo-Serbia technical dialogue, Sir Robert Cooper, and former prosecutor in the Hague Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Sir Geoffrey Nice. Representatives of various NGOs, academic institutions and think tanks, as well as journalists were also present. Amongst other guests, distinguished members of the Kosovar community in the UK joined the celebration too.

After national anthems of Kosovo and Great Britain were played, Ambassador Greiçevci greeted the guests with welcoming words. He then outlined Kosovo’s achievements over the past five years as an independent nation, highlighting consolidation of Kosovo’s statehood internationally, its membership in regional and international institutions, such as its admittance last year to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. “As an evidence of trust on Kosovo’s institutions, the International Steering Group ended supervision of Kosovo’s independence at the end of September of last year. In this regard, the historic contribution of Great Britain towards the freedom, independence and the strengthening of Kosovo institutions will always be remembered by the people of Kosovo” – said amongst others Ambassador Greiçevci.

Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri during her remark weighed the importance of this day in the modern history of the democratic development of Kosovo. “The independence of Kosovo was our dream, our fight, and our sacrifice. But, we were not alone. We had our friends and international allies who have now become part of our history” – said Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri, whilst adding that together with our friends we are realising our dream of making Kosovo a successful state.

In conclusion, Ambassador Greiçevci raised a toast to the independence of Kosovo and the enduring friendship between the Republic of Kosovo and Great Britain.